Do They Have Air Conditioning in Morocco?




Do They Have Air Conditioning in Morocco?

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You have reached this interesting post as you might be among those who have asked the following questions: Do they have air conditioning in Morocco? How do you keep cool in Morocco? How hot is Morocco in summer? How do you keep cool in Marrakech? Is Morocco too hot in July?  if so, then you have come to the right place.

Do They Have Air Conditioning in Morocco?

Do They Have Air Conditioning in Morocco?

In Marrakech, the charming imperial city of Morocco, the climate is semi-desert subtropical, with mild winters and hot summers.

If you are planning to visit Marrakech in July or August, you should mentally prepare yourself to the hot weather. The average temperature throughout the year is 28ºC. In summer, it is not uncommon to see the thermometer exceed 40ºC .

The city is located 460 meters above sea level, with enough altitude to lower nighttime temperatures. Also, there are considerable fluctuations in temperature between night and day.

Rainfall is rare in Marrakech. Rain average amount goes to 250 millimeters per year, and occurs from October to May, while it almost never rains from June to September.

Although rare, the rains occur in the form of showers or thunderstorms, and sometimes can be intense.

But no worries, most Moroccan architecture is designed bearing in mind the overall climate.

In Marrakech, traditional houses and riads consist of an open central courtyard to help with the circulation of air. Wall are thick the fact that help keeping out the heat. All rooms are built around the middle courtyard of the house with windows that open to the inside. This helps regulate temperatures inside the house.

Nowadays, many traditional houses inside the medina of Marrakech have for a cooling system. If you are going to stay in a riad, normally you will find air conditioners in the rooms. Cold in summer and warm in winter.

Is Air Conditioning Necessary in Marrakech During Mid-Summer?

Marrakech can be one of the hottest cities in Morocco. Temperatures in the summertime can go up around 46° Celcius on some particular days or around 113°F, a fact that is very unbearable even for people who are used to the heat.

There are a lot of houses in Marrakech, especially in the old Medina where the temperature remains cool without the use of much air conditioner because of their special architectural build.

However, most places are not going to be like that. Nowadays, people in Marrakech opt for installing cooling systems as air conditioners in their houses. Riads also do have air-conditioners in their rooms.

As a Marrakchi mom, I would strongly suggest you get a place with proper cooling systems.

Marrakech is not a coastal city as it is located in the middle of Morocco. Here, the air is dry and hot.

If you are visiting Marrakech and you are not used to warm or hot weather, you might need air conditioning. However, as being originally from Marrakech, I always feel like it is bearable inside. With or without air conditioning. Still, it all depends on you and what is a too high temperature for you.

Similarly, if you are visiting Marrakech during the hot dry season, don’t get swept up in the old medina, or the city life. I would recommend you to explore the suburbs of Marrakech. Go to the mountains and the waterfalls.

How do you keep cool in Marrakech?

So as to beat the heat when the sun is at its strongest, these are 8 tips to help you stay cool in your riad or house even if you don’t have an air conditioner:

  • Eat fresh: try to drink a lot of juice such as peach, orange, or strawberry juice. It is a great way to rehydrate when in Marrakech.
  • In the morning, it is ok for you to go out and have a walk in the city. But between noon and 4 p.m., try to stay home.
  • Take a cool shower before going to bed.
  • Wear a hat if you go outside around 12/1 pm. I don’t advise you to go out in the summer at noon
  • Cool off with ice-cream
  • Put an atomizer in the fridge and spray your body with cold water before going to bed.
  • Open the windows to circulate the air.
  • Turn on the air conditioning when you have one

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