How to Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons in 2 Quick & Easy Steps




in 2 Quick & Easy Steps

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how to make Moroccan preserved lemons

What Do Moroccan Preserved Lemons Taste Like?

Preserved lemon is a must in Moroccan cuisine. candied lemons are used in the composition of many dishes and bring them a refined and fragrant flavor. It will spice up your stews, chicken or lamb tagines, Moroccan salads, and side dishes.

How to Choose the Best Lemon to Preserve?

To make Moroccan preserved lemons I always choose the Beldi type of lemons. These are small Moroccan lemons known to be visually appetizing and juicy in taste with a thin skin. Cultivated in the region of Marrakech, it is harvested from the end of December to the end of February. On the market, you will find them pickled in salty water, and sometimes in olive oil. If you preserve them yourself, try to choose organic, untreated lemons that are perfectly ripe.

So use untreated lemons, otherwise, wash your lemons well several times by changing the water to remove as many chemicals as possible.

Lemons can be stored in an airtight glass jar that has been sterilized beforehand. The sterilization step should not be neglected to avoid any mold that can affect the taste of the lemon.

An essential condiment in Moroccan cuisine, candied lemon has a special taste, enhances the flavors of a tagine or other dishes and no other ingredient gives the same effect.

How to Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons?

The recipe is very easy and very quick to prepare except for the time it takes before they are ready to use that is 3 weeks to 1 month.

Lemons: choose them firm, not damaged.
Salt: preferably coarse salt, otherwise table salt also works.

First, you take lemons preferably organic. You cut them into quarters lengthwise, without going straight to the end, so as not to detach them as the quarters will therefore remain attached to the base.

Put salt inside the lemons, you may use a small spoon. Put the lemons as you prepare them into a sterilized glass jar pressing them tightly together.

Once you have put the lemons stuffed with salt into your jars, close tightly and leave to confit for 3 to 4 weeks before consuming them.

Moroccan Preserved lemons can be kept for a very long time. Use the pulp or skin according to the recipe.

Small candied lemon sauce

Cut the preserved lemons into thin slices. Add a finely chopped onion. Add a little juice from the jar of candied lemon, a little Moroccan Harissa chili purée, drizzle with oil and mix well. This little sauce can accompany all your dishes.

Moroccan preserved lemons recipes
What is the best way to preserve lemons?

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