Does Marrakech Have a Beach? How Far Is Marrakech from The Beach?




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You have reached this interesting post as you might be among those who have asked the following questions: Does Marrakech have a beach? Is there a beach in Marrakech? and how far is Marrakech from the beach? What are the beaches like in Marrakech? if so, you have come to the right place.

Does Marrakech Have a Beach?

As a whole, Marrakech does not have a natural beach with sand, and waves as it is not located on the coastline of Morocco. However, If you are intending to visit Marrakech you have a wide scope of options for swimming as the city is halfway to travel to any beach in Morocco.

In fact, Morocco enjoys 3500 km of coastline and is lucky to be located between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. So you can decide whether you want beaches with cooler, wilder waters or warmer, calmer waters.

Similarly, if you don’t have enough time to visit the nearby beaches, but there exist plenty of pools and artificial beaches on the outskirts of Marrakech that you can visit without too much hassle.

How Far Is Marrakech from The Beach? The Best Beaches Near Marrakech

Essaouira is just over 180 km from Marrakech. It is a city of bohemian artists and fishermen whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This coastal city must be on your itinerary if you are going to Marrakech for several days.

To find immense desert beaches in Essaouira, you have to reach SIDI KAOUKI, 20 km from Essaouira.

In the Atlantic Ocean area, one of the best beaches is undoubtedly that of the city of Agadir. It is located 258 km from Marrakech, just 3 hours away.

On the Agadir side, there is a very enjoyable highway. It takes almost 3h30 if you leave the city to return to the magnificent coastal road which leads to Essaouira.

10 km from Agadir, after the village of OURIR, you will find superb beaches. Some are equipped for tourists (far fewer than in Agadir); others are wilder.

It takes 3h30 to reach OUALIDIA. There is a lagoon, nice out of season, but full of people for swimming.

Other beautiful beaches near Marrakech are:

Lalla Fatna beach is a few kilometers north of Safi. It is a very pretty beach, sheltered, rather family, and very pleasant. Possibility of fishing at the right times and at the right tide. Small adjoining cafe.

There are also some famous good beaches such as Imsouane beach, Tagharte beach, Tagnza beach, and Sidi Kaouki Beach where you might want to spend a few days at the beaches that are not too far from Marrakech.

What Are the Beaches Like in Marrakech?

In the summertime, a lot of people would rather to be in a relatively peaceful place in order to make the most of the sun for their tan. For others, summer is the best time to swim and make the most of the waters.

Marrakech is an extremely famous destination for tourists because of the different infrastructures and diverse activities the city offers. There are gorgeous pools and beaches in different places where it would be possible to swim in Marrakech.

Here is a list of the best places to cool off in Marrakech during your summer stay:

Water parks where you can swim in Marrakech

  • 1. Oasiria water park:

Located on the outskirts of Marrakech and more precisely on the road to Amizmiz, Oasiria is one of the largest water parks in Marrakech, and it is ideal for swimming.

You will enjoy a large number of water slides, a lazy river, very large wave pools, and many other things and activities.

  • 2. Aqua Park Marrakech water park

The Aqua Park Marrakech water park is also a very large park in the city of Marrakech. It is located about 18 km from downtown Marrakech. You have all the space as well as the many rides you could do for a fun-filled day.

  • 3. The Selman Marrakesh

Located on the road to Amizmiz and 10 minutes from the city center of Marrakech, the Selman Marrakech is a very famous hotel that has a swimming pool with a length of 80 meters. It is then possible to take advantage of an awesome sunny day to relax in the waters of the Selman Marrakech hotel.

The decor is very pleasant, as the swimming pool is lined with very beautiful flowers, olive trees, and palm trees as well.

  • 4. Aqua Mirage Park Marrakech

As an integral part of the water parks present in Marrakech, the Aqua Mirage Parc Marrakech is also very famous. To relax, have fun, or enjoy the various wave pools, the Aqua Mirage Parc Marrakech is an extraordinary option among many others.

When Is the Best Time to Swim in Marrakech?

Swimming in Marrakech is very pleasant. Indeed, Our Moroccan city is a place where the heat stays during the majority of the year, regardless of the seasons of the year.

Apart from swimming, many other activities are possible in Marrakech.

What Is so Special About Morocco? Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco

Morocco is a land of glamorous and vivid contrasts. The gateway to two continents, it is a country of breathtaking landscapes, rich in history and heady with magnific scents and spectacular sights.

While the countryside is home to old traditions and diverse peoples, the ever-growing urban centers boast incredible new architecture together with the old, and activities to suit all modern tastes.

Morocco’s diverse geography, multicultural atmosphere, and rich history make it a mesmerizing country.

Its towns offer a striking contrast of ancient kasbahs, mosques and souks and modern architecture, with a
mix of Berber, Arab and African peoples.

In the crowded ancient medinas, young men in designer jeans haggle over cell phones alongside traditionally dressed women shopping for housewares.

In the fertile countryside, a farmer riding on a goat is as common a sight as a television satellite perched on a mud-brick roof.

Moroccan culture is extremely rich and difficult to pigeonhole. Moroccan landscape includes beaches, mountains, lakes, forests, and deserts.

Morocco is a unique blend of Arab, African, and European ways of life, and the Moroccans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Moroccan cuisine is rich and varied, owing to a variety of cultural influences. Meat is well-spiced and lean, vegetables are fresh and abundant, and everything is permeated with spices.

Moroccan cooking is quite labor-intensive and dishes are pleasingly presented as well as meticulously prepared.

Beef, lamb, fish, and chicken are all popular and used in a variety of dishes. Pigeon and turkey are also available, and the seafood in the coastal cities is not to be missed.

Meat is prepared according to Islamic halal regulations.

Rice, semolina wheat, and barley grains are used for a variety of dishes. A wide range of spices is used, including cumin, saffron, paprika, ginger, cinnamon, red and black pepper, and a special mixture called ras al-hanout is widely used in Moroccan cuisine.

A typical Moroccan meal starts with something fresh or cooked salads, olives and pickled vegetables and bread, and sometimes a cold beverage. The main course is then brought out, usually in a large pot, or tajine.

Moroccans will either eat from the main dish with their hands or using spoons, or serve food on to individual dishes.

After the main course is through and plates are removed, various fruits are arranged on the table, and mint tea is served, sometimes with Moroccan cookies.

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